Beautifully light texture - non greasy!


frizz perfecting spray

Love your blow-dry for waaaay longer with our perfecting and protecting final-step spray. For glassy shine, the smoothest-ever blow-dry and absolutely no frizz for up to three washes (yes!), go Effortless.

Manageable hair straight out of the shower
Contains argan oil and keratin to deeply hydrate and gently cleanse.


Illuminating and nourishing treatment

Is it a shampoo? Is it a treatment? Guess what, our ultra-nourishing hair cleanser defies convention and does both. Because smart girls cleanse with benefits, our Illuminating & Nourishing Treatment Shampoo nails glossy, beautifully hydrated and manageable hair straight out of the shower.

Masque - As seen in Vanity Fair
Masque - amazing textures!


Illuminating and nourishing treatment

Time may be a luxury, but awesome hair doesn’t have to be. In just 10 minutes our intensive masque will revitalize your hair. In half an hour it’ll blow you away.

Elixir - As seen in Vanity Fair
Elixir - Seriously good for your hair


Illuminating and nourishing treatment Elixir

You’re just a few drops away from seriously glossy hair goals.Made with an exclusive blend of precious argan oil, rosehip oil and complexes, this treatment elixir protects, softens and repairs, supporting the hair’s keratin for supreme strength and shine.

10 in 1 as seen in Vanity Fair
10 IN 1 - Beautiful textures

10 IN 1

Leave in treatment cream

Say hello to the hardest-working hair transformer out there. Because why use a product that does just one thing, when it could do 10? Hydrates, fights frizz, prevents split ends, and more!

Transformer Trio
Transformer Trio - the ultimate RAZZO haircare ritual

Transformer Trio

The Transformer Trio

Never-looked-better hair is as easy as 1, 2, 3. This exclusive collection includes 60ml tubes of our Illuminating & Nourishing Treatment Shampoo, Illuminating & Nourishing Treatment Masque and 10-in-1 Leave-In Treatment

The cute, curved design is easy to hold
Three rows of bristles are gentle on hair


Our Perfecting Wet Brush has three tiers of gentle bristles that breeze through the hair for effective detangling with minimal breakage, even on wet hair.